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Information for Drop Zones


Information for Drop Zone General Managers about How to Get Involved …

And How Leap for Life can Jump-Start Your Business!

Leap for Life is a groundbreaking event to raise money in the fight against cancer … and a great opportunity for you to grow your business by leaps and bounds, too.

As a drop zone owner/general manager, consider the benefits of joining us on our mission to “Leap for Life” – raising money for a great cause … while also raising awareness of your drop zone in your community and generating new business.

Here’s how Leap for Life  works …. and how it can work for your drop zone:

1)    Instructors and drop zone regulars can sign up now! All instructors and regulars at the drop zone can sign up through to participate in the event and raise donations during the months to come.  Donations go directly to Alex’s Lemonade Stand or Strength for Life and are tracked online, so that all drop zone participants’ donations can be added and the drop zone can inform the public (and media) how much money it raised for cancer research.  Awesome publicity for your drop zone … and a great way to create awareness, and interest, in skydiving for those who may not have ever tried it!!!

2)    Promote the event on site! The downloadable flyer can be copied on a color copier and copies can be made available starting immediately to anyone who comes to the drop zone.  Divers who jump any time before August will have the opportunity to jump AGAIN on the event weekend … and potentially bring OTHERS with them.  The flyer can also be made into a color poster at your local Kinko’s and prominently displayed in the drop zone waiting area (as well as in key areas around your community – bringing great local exposure for your drop zone!)  Additionally, instructors can inform tandem jumpers about the opportunity to jump again on the event weekend (at a discount – see below).

3)    Promote the event in media! Drop zones can contact local news outlets to inform the public about the event – skydiving for cancer research.  Folks who’ve always wanted to skydive but never have may see this as the perfect reason to finally GO FOR IT!!!  We’ll provide you with a downloadable template for a press release that you can customize and use both to generate pre-event publicity about this opportunity as well as create media interest in your actual “Leap for Life” activities on the weekend of September 24-25, 2011 …but this year, in honor of September being National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, people can “leap for life” anytime during the month of September… and you can expect a surge in business for the event weekend if you aggressively promote it!

4)    Offer a discount to participants! Offering a discount to encourage people to participate in this event is a great way for you to not only become involved in this worthy cause, but will undoubtedly bring added business to your drop zone that weekend! We suggest offering a 15% discount to anyone who is participating in the event (they will show an email receipt “coupon” from Leap for Life), but feel free to offer a greater discount or even to make a donation (even a small one) to participants.  Again, this discount will be a great incentive for people – and first-time skydivers – to visit your drop zone that weekend … increasing your business by “leaps” and bounds … and quite possibly building a new customer base of drop zone regulars who will be back time and time again.

5)    Get in on the cause …and get recognized for your role in this groundbreaking global initiative! Your participation in the Global Leap for Life – whether simply encouraging your instructors and customers to get involved, or more actively promoting the opportunity to Leap for Life  (and your drop zone) via flyers, posters and/or local publicity, is a valuable contribution to us as we seek to raise an unprecedented amount of money for cancer research through a single skydiving fundraising event.  Therefore, we’ll be creating a “Drop Zone Honor Roll” of drop zones that are participating in this event – and publicizing them in our national publicity efforts.  As a drop zone that is involved in any way , you’ll be part of our “Global Leap for Life 2011 Team” – mentioned in press releases, articles and other promotional materials having to do with the event…including being included on our scrolled “DZ Honor Roll” at our frequently-viewed (and widely publicized) website

In addition to publicity, you’ll also get a commemorative “Global Leap for Life 2011” certificate/award honoring your participation as a drop zone — and your role in helping to raise money in the fight against cancer through the power of skydiving, as follows:

Leap for Life “MVPs*” –  *Most Valuable Parachutists

30+ participating skydivers at your drop zone receives

  • a framed wood plaque honoring your leadership role as a drop zone raising money for cancer research
  • “I Leapt for Life” recyclable sports bottles for participating skydivers
  • “I Leapt for Life” t-shirts for participants
  • honorable mention on all publicity materials

Leap for Life “Diamond Parachute” Drop Zones

10+ participating skydivers at your drop zone receives

  • a special certificate  honoring your role in raising money for cancer research
  • mention on all publicity materials

Leap for Life “Skydive Center Supporters” At least one participating skydiver at your drop zone receives your DZ mention on all publicity materials

We hope that you will join us on this exciting adventure as we take to the skies this summer – and take fundraising (and your drop zone) to new heights in this unprecedented global skydiving event!

For more information on how to get involved, call us at 516-294-0300 or just click back to the “Dive” page and get the process started today!