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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Leap for Life?

A: Leap for Life is a unique charity skydive event that “goes to new heights” to raise money to fight cancer.  It was originated on Long Island, New York in 2009, when attorney and fitness author Rick Collins jumped for the first time and raised $14,000 in donations.  In 2010, he invited the world to join him, and nearly 100 volunteers did their own “leaps for life” at drop zones all across North America, raising a total of almost $40,000.  Now, in 2011, Rick is once again inviting brave men and women worldwide to do their own leaps for life in the ongoing fight against cancer.

Q: When is Leap for Life this year?

A: Leap for Life 2011 is timed to take place during the month of September – to coincide with National Childhood Cancer  Awareness Month.  The official Leap for Life weekend is September 24-25, but if participants are unable to skydive that weekend, they can jump anytime in September as part of Leap for Life

Q: Where does Leap for Life take place?

A: That’s the beauty of it!  It takes place wherever is most convenient to you, as a participant.  There are “drop zones” (skydive centers) throughout North America, Europe, Australia and beyond.  You can find one near you through the United States Parachute Association by simply clicking HERE. **Leap for Life is not affiliated with any drop zones, this link is provided solely for your convenience to find a place closest to your location for your jump**

Q: How do I raise money?

A: We’re setting it up so that all you have to do is click the “Do Your OWN Leap for Life” button and create your very own event.  We make it super easy to create your own individual web page so you can let friends, family and contacts know about your jump.  They can donate in support of your skydive by credit card via a secure server.  All the participants’ donation amounts will be added to create a grand total.

It’s similar to getting people to sponsor you for a walk-a-thon or other charity fundraising sporting… but a lot more exciting for participants … and you’ll be surprised as to how many people will want to sponsor you as you “skydive for a cause!”

Q: Where do the donations go?

A: Each year, we have raised money for a different cancer charity through Leap for Life, and this year we will be “Leaping for Life” for two important charities:  Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation ( and Strength for Life (    Donors will have the option of contributing to one or both, conveniently through the web page of each skydiver.

Q: Why were these charities selected?

A: We know times are tough and people need to be choosy about where their money goes.  After carefully researching a number of cancer charities, we were incredibly moved by the work done by both of these organizations in the fight against cancer, impressed with their outstanding reputations … and happy to see that their fundraising dollars go directly to helping people in need.

This year, we wanted to raise funds, and awareness, for a childhood cancer charity — and selected Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation based on the amazing work being done by this national organization dedicated to “fighting childhood cancer, one cup at a time.”  This organization (which started with the dream of four year old cancer patient Alex Scott to hold a lemonade stand to raise money to help find a cure for all children with cancer) has evolved into a national fundraising movement and, to-date, has raised more than $40 million towards fulfilling Alex’s dream of finding a cure for cancer — and funding over 150 research projects nationally.  In addition, Leap for Life is also raising funds to help the New York-based cancer charity Strength for Life — a not-for-profit organization dedicated to assisting men and women who are living with cancer reclaim their lives by providing a safe and effective exercise program free of charge, helping cancer patients greatly enhance their quality of their life and improve functional activities..

We are thrilled to be raising money for both of these charities – for more information about the work they do (and other ways to get involved), visit and

Q: How much does it cost to participate?

A: Other than paying for the cost of your own skydive (typically no more than about $200), there are no costs to register or participate.

Q: What is a skydive like?

A: It’s an exhilarating and unforgettable experience.  You do NOT experience a dropping, falling or sinking feeling.  Instead, you feel air pressure, similar to the rush of air while driving fast in a convertible.  First-time divers do “tandem” jumps with a certified instructor securely attached.  You can watch the video of Rick Collins’ first time jump here HERE. You can see more pictures of Leap for Life participants here on the event’s facebook page. Most first-time skydivers can’t wait to do it again!