Giving animals a second chance

Leap for Life is a registered non-profit organization focused on rescuing dogs and cats from anywhere in Israel. We rehabilitate, heal, and train the animals as we look for their furrever home. Each cat or dog is given care, attention, and socialization, as well as medical and behavioral treatment. Learn more about what we do by signing up for our newsletter or support our efforts by making a donation.

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The Adoption Process

Our pets are given the highest quality care and rehabilitation ensuring they are ready for their forever home. Your pet will be immunized and spayed or neutered so that the pet population is controlled.

Intake and Reception

We receive cats and dogs from all over the country. WIth the current situation, most come from the Gaza Envelope. Any cat or dog with a chip is reunited with their family. If there is no chip, we receive the pet.

Medical Examination

Each cat or dog is given a head to tail examination where we look at the overall health and note any issues. If medical treatments are needed, they are provided. All cats and dogs are fully vaccinated and are spayed or neutered.


In order to ensure a successful adoption all pets need to have social skills. Any pet who is anxious or agressive is given special care and therapy. In some cases, a pet is fostered to give it special attention.

Ready to Adopt

At this stage the cat or dog is ready to adopt. Its profile is listed on the website allowing you to learn about it and contact us in order to come and spend time with your pet. Adopting a pet is a big decision. It isn't right for everyone. If you have concerns, let us know.

Homeward Bound

Congratulations! You picked a new best friend. After filling in some paperwork, your pet is ready to go home with you. There will be a period of adjustment. If for any reason, you feel that this was a bad decision,