Please note that residents of Israel can only use the Shekels option. If you live outside of Israel, specifically in America, the UK, South Africa, or Germany, please use the Dollars or Euros options. Thank you in advance


Thank you for wanting to help. Your donation will allow us to help our four legged friends. We have three options one in Euro , Dollars or shekels.

Donation Options

There are two ways to donate, and two types of donations. Choose the method that is best for you.

You can either donate on a monthly basis and sponsor a pet, or you can send a one-time donation.

Your donation can either be done by bank transfer or by credit card. No matter which donation method you choose, you will get a receipt. The credit card method gives you an automated receipt. Donating by bank transfer takes a bit longer as we need to prepare the reciept and send it to you.

Note: If you live overseas, use the contact form below.

Donation by Bank Transfer

The information is as follows:





Note: This option is only available for residents in Israel

Make a Donation in Your Preferred Currency

To donate by credit card, click this button. It will direct you to a secure site. If you wish to pay in dollars , Euros or shekels please click the appropriate button of your choice. We thank you for your support. If you need assistance, please complete the form below:

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